Dec 20, 2019
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Welcome to Just Talking Doors, your premier destination for high-end door solutions in the Fort Worth area and beyond. In this article, we are thrilled to share with you our recent project with Worthington National Bank, located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. Discover how Solara, our top-rated team of experts, transformed this iconic bank with a classic Texas look that perfectly complements their business and creates an inviting atmosphere for their clients.

About Worthington National Bank

Worthington National Bank has been a cornerstone of the Fort Worth community for over three decades. As a trusted financial institution providing a wide range of services, their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is well-known. However, they wanted to elevate their business further by enhancing the appeal and aesthetic of their building's exterior.

The Challenge

Being a reputable bank, Worthington National Bank was looking for a solution that not only improved the visual appeal of their building but also reflected the spirit of Texas. They envisioned a design that exuded a classic Texas charm while reinforcing their position as a trusted institution. This is where Solara stepped in with their expertise and extensive knowledge of high-end door solutions.

The Solara Solution

Solara, a renowned provider of custom-built doors, was the perfect fit for Worthington National Bank. Their team of skilled craftsmen and designers excels at creating unique and personalized door solutions that transform any space. Understanding the challenge at hand, Solara collaborated closely with the bank's management to bring their vision to life.

Together, they decided on a design inspired by traditional Texas architecture, combining elements of western culture and sophistication. The doors were carefully crafted from the finest materials, with intricate attention to detail. The result was a set of doors that perfectly encapsulated the rich Texan heritage while exuding elegance and grandeur.

Outcome and Impact

The transformation that Solara brought to Worthington National Bank was remarkable. The classic Texas doors instantly became a focal point, capturing the attention of visitors and passerby alike. The elegance and charm conveyed through these doors reflected the bank's values and the spirit of Texas.

Not only did the doors significantly enhance the bank's curb appeal, but they also created an inviting atmosphere that invited customers to enter with confidence. The timeless beauty and expert craftsmanship of Solara's doors left a lasting impression on everyone who stepped foot inside the bank.


In conclusion, Solara's collaboration with Worthington National Bank resulted in an awe-inspiring transformation that brought a classic Texas look to the forefront of this prestigious financial institution. With their unrivaled expertise and dedication to craftsmanship, Solara continues to deliver exceptional door solutions that elevate businesses and captivate communities.

If you are looking to enhance the appeal and aesthetic of your own business or residential space, contact Just Talking Doors today. Our team of professionals are always ready to provide personalized recommendations and deliver remarkable results. Trust us to bring your vision to life through our high-end door solutions.


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